Vincent Galante

A well-known figure in the sales, marketing and music industries since the 1980s, Vincent Galante joined forces with tax and entertainment pros to form the concept of F-Sharp Tax Management Services, to provide the same personalized and nuanced tax support to independent music, entertainment and other self-employed/small business owner individuals, as has long been available to high net worth entrepreneurs.

“When I came up with the concept of F-Sharp, I saw it as a way of helping those who work hard in an industry that’s been a part of my life for the past three decades,” said Galante. “Being born and raised in LA, my love and passion for music started at an early age. As soon as I was old enough to drive, I was hanging out on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood.”

Over the years of going to countless concerts and parties with the likes of, Kiss, Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, Guns and Roses, Skid Row, Scorpions, Ozzy, Aerosmith and other rock legends, he solidified his music connections, resulting in lifelong friendships. “Whenever I had the chance, I was traveling around the world to see my ‘friends’ play. Since moving to Vegas, from Hollywood in 2005, I have remained in touch with most of my friends from back in the day, and still see them every chance I get when they come through town,” he added.

His friends from “back in the day” are now in essential roles of the music business, both on the creative and business/support sides – production managers, sound engineers, stage technicians, videographers, managers – and still very much in need of expert, reliable and trustworthy tax support from those who know all that’s involved in the life and work of a freelance, contract, self-employed music professional.

Vincent, known to all as “Vinny,” worked in the family business, Galante Woodworks, started by his father Paul, and eventually took over in 1985 when his father passed away, handling all production, purchasing, scheduling and manufacturing supervision.

In 2005, Vinny switched over to the real estate industry, as Owner/Partner of Sun Development, a commercial real estate developer focused on strip malls and mini storage, again putting his marketing and web skills to use, as well as serving as liaison between the city/county and clients for land entitlement and development. Then in 2010, he implemented a sales and marketing strategy for Nice Cars of Nevada, that quadrupled company sales from 20 cars a month to 80, before becoming General Manager of Nevada Auto Group, managing the 7-acre facility, while implementing an in-house financing system with asset tracking and recovery, averaging sales of 200 cars a month.

Combining skills and experience from the furniture, real estate and auto sales industries, Vinny formed World2U Marketing in 2010, helping business owners boost sales and visibility through branding, logo and web design and online marketing.

Growing his career in different industries, as those industries – and marketing and sales themselves – grew and changed over the years, has resulted in a professional who knows many industries inside and out, and how to work with those active in the industries today and the challenges they face. Aspects of these challenges all relate to managing their financial, record keeping and tax management needs – needs that most self-employed professionals don’t have the time or interest in learning to juggle themselves, which now F-Sharp Tax Management Services can handle for them.