Straight Talk Tax Management For People Who Use the Other Side of Their Brain…

Q: Should I be a S-Corp or LLC?

SA: Doesn’t really matter.  Let us decide that for you.  That’s what you pay us for.

More: If you ask a tax guy (gender neutral) or a lawyer it is typical they will have a strong feeling one way or another.  Makes me think “if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”.   More likely, it’s the one they know or can charge you more to explain, respectively.   It doesn’t matter for tax purposes.  If you want to be an S-corp good.  If you prefer LLC elect to be taxed as a Corporation and file S-elections.  Same tax return either way.  There are some minor cost differences depending on what state and type of entity you chose.  Bored yet you asked for more.  Want too much, search LLC VS SCORP and get some coffee.

Q: Does it cost more to be incorporated?


More: If you are not incorporated and earn your money by freelancing you are paying 20 to 30% more in tax than you have to.  If you gross 30k or more your administrative expenses (our fees and state fees) will be less than the tax savings.

Q: Do I have to do anything to be incorporated?

SA: Yes, click free consult, open a new checking account (when prompted by us-don’t skip the first step) and put 45 minutes a year aside to talk to us.  Maybe less.

More: You get the point by now.

Q: What will F-Sharp do for me?

SA: All or as much as you want.  We offer full tax and management services.  Our full tax service is the best value but if you really want nothing to do with the process we can fully manage your account including billing clients, collecting payments, paying bills and filing your taxes.

Q: How much will it cost?

SA: If we can’t save you at least twice the cost of our service, then we won’t recommend our service. The BEST part is that you can find out FOR FREE!

Q: What will I have to do?

SA: Talk to us for as long as it takes to get comfortable (our record is 3 minutes) for FREE, open a corporate checking account with the info we give you and sign up for our full tax service.

Lower your tax rate, work less and spend virtually no time dealing with any of this tax, bill paying, monotony!  Take that bit of advice and don’t waste any more time.